These are the guidelines for the new and improved roleplay system.


White rabbit 1680x1050
This is an example. To roleplay, you add speech bubbles like this one to the page.

  • To create a bubble for an individual character, copy, paste, and edit a previous one.
    • Once a bubble for a character is created, you can simply copy that one and edit the text.
  • Hex colors work for the colors (if you want to know them, google "color codes) but simple color names work too. (EX: Pink, Red, White)

You can create an action (EX: Your character running away) in two ways:

Say the action inside the speech bubble. This is useful if it's just one character doing the action.

White rabbit 1680x1050
*runs away*

2. Say it outside the speech bubble. This is useful if the action involves two charecters.

White rabbit 1680x1050
What? NO!

Lucy runs away and bumps into Dianne

Outside rolepay notes are allowed, but will be removed once the RP is over. This way, it will be more fun to read over after the RP is finished.


  • You can roleplay as yourself or a created character (EX: Anyone can roleplay as carmel)
  • Always follow the policy
  • Try not to go off-topic
  • Try to have a page for your bunny before you start roleplaying.

Things to keep in mindEdit

  • This may seem complex, but it's actually quite simple. This guide is just very detailed so there is no confusion.
  • These types of RP will take place on pages and not forums, so you won't get notifications when someone roleplays (unless you have email notifications). This means you have to check back regularly.