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Cute Bunny Lucy
• 1/5/2014

RP #1

This is the first RP. In this, the bunnies will all meet up.

Me: Hello Dianne! Welcome to the rabbit hole!

Dianne: Are you serious? I have to live with other bunnies?!

Me: Yes, but you will have your own room. Thats how rabbit holes work. We need to have a place where we can gather and be safe.

Carmel: Oh weer gwonne hwave swo much fun! We'll pay games, we'll....

Dianne: Whatever! I want my own private rabbit hole! And when I want something, I get it!

Me: Sorry, you have no more rights then any bunny else.

Dianne: [scoff] fine! *storms out*

Me: Hey wait! *runs after*

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Cute Bunny Lucy
• 1/9/2014

Me: Guys wait!

Carmel: Your lowsin um!


Everyone, even carmel stops moving and looks toward Lucy

Me: Not you carmel.

Carmel: Oh :p

Me: I know you don't wanna be friends and all, but this is beyond that. If Dianne gets to the library before we do, she'll have enough information to build her own rabbit hole and take ours down! We have to get there before she does! So, I'll say this one last time! Are you with me?

• 1/9/2014

This is getting really confusing, I really think you should assign characters Lucy. I could easily say this:

Cinnamon: Hey! Let's all move to Canada!

Dianne: Okay!

Sprite: No! I wanna go to Africa!

Carmel: I wanna go to Asia!

Dianne: On second thought, I wanna go to Asia too!

Sprite: Okay, bye everyone! I hope you all live good lives!

Cinnamon: Bye everyone!

• 1/9/2014

If it gets too out of hand the comment will be deleted. And after this RP, the system will be improved.

• 1/9/2014


Anyway. Ignore that last comment.

Cinnamon: Is standing by riverbank watching other bunnies. Doesn't have friends. Hops away to home inside bush.

• 1/9/2014

Me: *sad* Ok, so I guess I'm on my own. Come on Carmel.

Carmel: Lucy, What does the fox say?

Me: IDK. Why?

Carmel: Thweres one behind us.


• 1/11/2014

Me; *sees fox* :O >:( *jumps out and bites fox on back*

• 1/11/2014

Cinnamon: Sees Fox from a distance. Thinks: Is that a fox or my grandmother? Hears roar. It's my grandmother!

• 1/11/2014

Fox:*sees cinnamon* Hey, It's my grandson Cinnamon! Look how tall he's gotton! *goes toward Cinnamon*

Me: Wait, this fox is your grandma?

Fox: Yep!

Me: Hows that even possible?!

Fox: IDK

Me: Well I guess I'm off to the library.

Fox: Cinnamon, would you like to go with her?

• 1/11/2014


Cinnamon was just joking abou the fox being her grandmother. Cause Cinnamon doesn't have good eyes


• 2/9/2014

Cinnamon: y.. You're not my grandma..

Fox: Oh Yeah..... Im gonna eat you now.

Me: NOPE *gets tall grass and arranges it like a horse harness* Wee! Get on everyone! At this rate we'll be at the library faster then carrots!

Caramel: Actually carrots cwant move, they down't have wegs and...

Me: Just get on.

Cinnimon and Sprite are reluctant but they get on the fox

Fox: You owe meh big time. *runs to the library*

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